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Chalk Circle have been conducting workshops for children and serious young adult artists for over 10 years. Whilst nearly all of these workshops were designed and administered by Peter Voice, they would not have happened without the artistic input, skills and support of Bev Isaac, Ulla Taylor, Diana Isaac, and others.Sadly we can't put every-one's work up here but we can say the courage, commitment and talent of the young artists we work with consistantly impresses us.

The Flying Pig Project is a major art installation hanging from the ceilings and walls of the children's wards of the Sunshine Hospital. The installation, consisting of 37 sculptured papier-mache Flying Pigs and a series of fantasy photographs, was created by a group of volunteer artists in workshops run by Peter Voice of "Chalk Circle". The Pigs are already hanging in a meandering flight pattern from the ceilings of the children's wards and the photos are soon to be put on the walls.