The Flying Pigs Support Team

The Project - Make Your Own Flying Pig - Poetry Of The Pings - Support Team - Press

  • Peter Voice: Artist, Founder, Director of Chalk Circle
Press Co-ordinator:
  • Emma Forehan: Public Relations, Sunshine Hospital
Specialist Veterinarian:
  • CarolineMann BVSc: Yarraville Veterinary Clinic.
Special Fitness Advisor:
  • Chris Grant: Capt. Western Bulldogs.
  • David Simmonds: Vic and Aust. Commercial and Industrial Photographer of the Year 2000.
Digital Art:
  • Tim Hynes
Digital Video:
  • Robert Pell: Independent Film-maker.
  • Bev Isaac: Co-founder of Chalk Circle, Pavement Artist, Sculptor, Teacher.
  • Sandra Curtis: Artist, Photographer.
  • Les Goodwin: Designer, Stone-mason, Sculptor.
  • Brett Westwood: Book-binder, Artist.
  • John Tall: Designer, Graphic Artist.
  • Ron: the Carpenter.
Major Sponsors:
  • Chalk Circle
  • Simmonds and Associates
  • George Grant: Emmanuel George & Chris Grant.
  • Digi: Digital Imaging and Display.
  • Simmonds and Associates
Individual Pig Sponsors:
  • Brian Voice, (late) and family "Apollo Moon" Bookbinders, Canterbury
  • Bruce Mildenhall MP., State Member for Footscray and Parliamentary Secretary
  • Julia Gillard MP., Member for Lalor
  • Hon. Kaye Darveniza MLC.
  • Sunshine Police Station
  • RAAF No. One Squadron
  • Sunshine Police Youth and Citizens Club
  • Sunshine Community Consultative Committee
  • Operation Dragsafe
  • Victorian Police Youth Corps (Kealba College)
  • The Lomax family of Yarraville
  • The Construction, Forestry and Mining Employees Union
  • Foodworks Supermarket, Sunshine
  • Taxi Trix (Karl Saliter), Cornwall Bridge, CT, USA
  • Lynne Sosnowski, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Scot Free, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Bev Isaac, Melbourne, Australia
  • Robert Nelson (Butterfly Man), Venice Beach, Cal, USA