The Flying Pigs Project

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The Flying Pig Project is a major art installation hanging from the ceilings and walls of the children's wards of the Sunshine Hospital. The installation, consisting of 37 sculptured papier-mache Flying Pigs and a series of fantasy photographs, was created by a group of volunteer artists in workshops run by Peter Voice of "Chalk Circle". The Pigs are already hanging in a meandering flight pattern from the ceilings of the children's wards and the photos are soon to be put on the walls.

The project has two main objectives. The first is to create and install a simple piece of Art that is specifically designed for children and brings with it an air of fun, fantasy, hope and humour. The "Flying Pig" (scientific name: Porcine aviatrix) seems an appropriate symbol for a place where miracles, both large and small, are everyday occurrences. Few people visit a children's ward in a hospital without worries and stress. There are also a lot of adults who need a bit of magic. We have a "How to Make Your Own Pig" manual, dozens of poems and some beautiful images to put on the walls and here. The "Flying Pigs" are a real "Community" art project for one of our community assets.

The second is the possibility of using the Pigs as a fund raising vehicle (The Flying Pig Fund) for the wards. The project already has strong support from the local arts community. Simmonds and Associates have offered to design a series of postcards and posters, and Digi imaging have offered to make some one-off pieces for us (these works will be framed and installed in the hospital along with the Flying Pigs). We will be seeking sponsors for each of the pigs and will also make several extra as moneyboxes for ongoing collecting (one pig has been standing in the window of the Silverton Hotel in outback NSW collecting money for the Flying Doctor Service for the past 7 years. It collects about $800/year). The people involved are no slouches. Peter Voice and Chalk Circle are renowned for their work at International Art Festivals, David Simmonds has twice been Victorian Commercial and Industrial Photographer of the Year and was Aust.'s No1 in year 2000. He is the current Federal President of the ACMP. Bev Isaac and Ulla Taylor have just returned from touring their work through Canada for the third time. John Tall, Bilqis Hijjas and Geoff Pennington are award winning designers and Digi is bringing the sort of cutting edge technology to Footscray, that you used to travel over the bridge for. The project also has the support of local politicians, businesses and community groups.

The fund-raising ideas have ranged widely but we are still looking for sponsors and other support for the project, so if you want to help, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Despite the 2,500hrs work put into this project, we hope not many people actually get to see the real thing and really only hear about it somewhere. We will continue to put up new pictures and poetry for some time, so please visit again every now and then.

Whilst "The Flying Pig Project" is copyright, we would like to encourage other artists' communities to do it for their local children's wards. It can easily be part of the local Arts Festival, especially if done in its entirety, a collaboration of sculpture, painting, photography, poetry, prose and computer technology. Please contact us if you want to consider it, we would like to help.