Peter Voice


Peter Voice is the backbone of Chalk Circle. Almost all the workshops, major projects and tours featured on the CC website have been conceived and administered by him.

Peter is credited by many with having re-invented the ancient art of screeving (pavement art). In the 80's his contemporary, original works in Australia were in stark contrast to the copies of old masters that were the mainstay of the handful of artists still working in Europe. He was originally arrested and charged with defacing public property in his hometown of Melbourne but after a short, public battle with the council, laws were passed to recognise the artform. He has deeply influenced most of the pavement artists working worldwide today. In 1991, Peter shocked the European artists at Geldern (the world's biggest Pavement Art Festival) with his crushed Coke can picture. He introduced the artform to Nortth America, where it was almost unheard of, and his workshops in New Zealand and Australia have produced several outstanding artists.

However, to simply label Peter a pavement artist would be inadequate. He had his first two solo exhibitions of paintings and drawings (Acland St Gallery '80 and Trades Hall Gallery '81) long before drawing on the streets. He is a painter, sculptor, humorist, administrator, performer, teacher, designer and writer.

Peter has performed on the street, stage and screen, and his satirical writings are frequently published in Melbourne's newspapers. He has received numerous prizes for his paintings, drawings and woodwork as well as his pavement art. Cross-discipline collaborations have always fascinated Peter and he has designed projects for and worked with circus performers, poets, clowns, photographers, dancers, actors and musicians. In one session of "Artists Doing Artists", he even had the ex-Premier of Victoria, Joan Kirner, on stage alone with him for 3 hours and in another, the President of the Australian Labor Party, Barry Jones, only 3 days after the Party lost office in the 1998 Federal Elections.

Since founding Chalk Circle with his partner Bev Isaac in 1991, Peter has guided the group to an international reputation for professionalism, innovation and artistic excellence. As a pavement artist, he is now semi-retired, still active but very selective, preferring to leave most of the Pavement Art to younger, fitter artists these days and concentrate on the workshops, body art, "Artists Doing Artists" and projects like "The Flying Pigs". He has written his first book and is currently planning a move to the western Victorian desert to spend a couple of years painting, writing and archiving his and Bev's work.