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"The Murray River", 2004

"Portrait of the River Near Morgan" Acrylic on stretched canvas(30ins/76cm x 44ins/112cm)by Peter Voice. Inspired by a 300km trip along the Murray river aboard the stern-wheel paddleboat the "Gypsy Ellen" in the summer of 2004. At 4km per hour, there was plenty of time to enjoy the landscapes and from the boat, the river has 2, one on the left and one on the right.

In the first photo the landscape on top depicts the heat of late morning. Kangaroos drink at the water's edge, herons and kites hunt whilst a canoe tree stands silently telling it's story.

Turned upsidedown as in the second photo the landscape is in the cool of the evening. The ubiquitous Whilsting Kite's nest stands like a watchtower on the river bend and you can almost hear the cockatoos as the wheel skywards. In quiet contrast the pelicans seem to be conducting some sort of solemn ceremony in their swampland. The cliffs reflect the patterns of another common dweller, the carpet python.

This work is available as a signed, limited edition print (29 x 44cm) - Acrylics on canvas, POA.

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