Pavement Art.


Chalk Circle was founded in 1991 by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac, and they invited fellow artists Ulla Taylor and Jenny McCracken to join them. Peter began drawing on the streets in 1984, Beverly, 1986, Ulla 1987. Ulla and Jenny now pursue independant careers and Diana Isaac, who won her first pavement art prize as a junior at Glenhuntly in 1987, joined the group in 2003.

Peter and Bev have been practising the ancient art of screeving(pavement art) since the mid 80's when they became Melbourne's best known street artists. Unlike the dying European tradition of copying old masters, they were surprising and delighting crowds with topical, contemporary pieces.

Peter's 1991 picture at the world's biggest Pavement Art Festival in Geldern Germany was selected at the 25th Anniversary in 2002 as one of the twelve best ever and not only introduced his contemporary style to Europe but "convex" 3 dimensional work.

Chalk Circle virtually introduced the artform to Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore and have conducted hundreds of workshops for literally thousands of artists of all ages. Over more than 20 years they have influenced most of the pavement artists working today.

The group has produced whimsical pieces for all types of festivals and public events in Britain, Europe, Canada, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and across Australia. They also do tight, clever promotional works for the corporate sector. When not touring, Bev and Diana can be found any fine day busking at their spectacular gallery on Melbourne's Southbank Promenade.

The Gallery below contains a wide cross-section of these works from 1991 and clicking on the thumbnails will open expanded versions with notes and in some cases detail photos or even a whole series of related works. We hope you enjoy them and please remember when you next see a pavement artist, any pavement artist, doing something you like, pls put the price of a coffee or a beer in their hat as it is almost surely their sole source of income.

"Melbourne in Spires," by Chalk Circle for Simmonds and Associates

"Indiana Jones in the Snake Pit," by Chalk Circle for the Scienceworks Museum

"Sir Knight"

"Fire Heros"

by Peter Voice, Surfers Paradise

by Peter Voice, Collins Street Promenade Promotion

Raphael copy by Ulla Taylor and Bev Isaac for Crown Casino

Norman Rockwell adaptation, by Jenny McCracken with Peter Voice and Roland Josuttis, in Berlin, 1991

by Peter Voice, for Australian Grand Prix, Phillip Island

Peter Voice, Adelaide Grand Prix, 1988

Edna Everidge, by Bev Isaac

Michael Hutchence memorial, by Bev Isaac

by Bev Isaac, at Southbank, Melbourne

by Ulla Taylor and Bev Isaac, commissioned by National Gallery of Victoria for Lygon Street Fiesta, to promote Uffizi drawings from Florence

by Bev Isaac

"Grock," by Bev Isaac, in the collection of the Methodist Ladies College

Adaptation from M. C. Escher, by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac, for Canberra Buskers' Festival, 1995

"Alanis Morrisette," at Port Fairy Festival, by Bev Isaac

by Peter Voice, on the Collins Street Promenade, Melbourne

"Snakes and Ladders," by Peter Voice, commissioned by Gold Coast City Council

by Peter Voice, Geldern Pavement Art Competition, 1991

"Ibis," by Peter Voice, Adelaide

by Peter Voice, at Halifax Buskers' Festival, 1991

Images of Australia from Southbank, Melbourne, by Bev Isaac and Diana Isaac




"Tamejan" by Bev Isaac and Ulla Taylor

"Jazz" by Bev Isaac

"Postcards" by Bev Isaac and Ulla Taylor

Some things you just can't explain.

For the 2001 Canberra Science Festival, by Bev Isaac and Ulla Taylor

"Rainforest View" by Bev and Diana Isaac, Singapore 2004

"Yabbie Feast at Griffith" by Peter Voice for Griffith Food and Wine Festival.

"Funky Gibbon" by Bev and Diana Isaac, 2005.

"The Dr Who Series" by Diana Isaac with Bev Isaac.

"Mermaid" by Bev and Diana Isaac at Southbank 2004

"Kath and Kim" by Bev Isaac at Wynyard Tulip Fetival