Pavement Art

"Melbourne In Spires" by Chalk Circle for Simmonds and Associates.

This piece is one of our favourite and most important works.

Based on photographs by David Simminds and designed by Peter Voice, it was drawn by Peter with Bev, Ulla, Jenny and Dianna all contributing. David is one of Australia's most accomplished photographers and he commissioned this in 1995 for the front cover of the 1996 edition of his award winning "Melbourne In Spires" calender. It was, of course, photographed by David simmonds.

Althought it is done on the bluestone slabs found all over Melb., it was actually drawn and photographed in the studio. It is nearly 2.5m in diameter and the 22 pieces of 40mm thick stone weigh about a tonne and a half. It is perfectly intact and we still have it.

We repeated this work in and based on Christchurch, in 1997 for Festival City Production. It made the front page of the Saturday morning newpaper. The picture can be adapted to almost any city and we hope to do it a few more times yet.

This picture is especially important to us because it also marks the beginning of a great friendship with David and many others. David's pursuit of excellence and dedication to innovative technology in image making has had a profound effect on Chalk Circle's work.