Corporate and Promotional


The versatility of pavement art makes it an ideal medium for a wide variety of corporate and promotional events and Chalk Circle have established a reputation for professionalism, artistic innovation and an acute understanding of deadlines and other corporate needs. The right work in a high profile location can reach an audience of tens of thousands of people over a 2-4 week period (see note below). The groupís body art is also increasingly in demand for corporate events.

Chalk Circle has produced promotional pieces for government departments, exhibitions, health and social issue campaigns, festivals, book launches, TV commercials, conferences and theatre productions.   

Corporate clients include General Motors, Qantas, Museums Victoria, Crown Casino, National Gallery of Victoria, Disney, Australia Post, MAB, the Australian Zoological Society, the Yellow Pages, Sheraton Hotels, the Australian Law Institute, Nokia, the Canberra Science Institute, the Northern Territory Tourism Authority and countless Government departments at Federal, State and Local level.

Chalk Circle artists also do some logo and corporate image design as well as front-end web site design.

The galleries here show and explain some of these works.

Note; Most of the cities that allow us to do promotions on the street do not want their footpaths turned into advertising venues and strict permit conditions apply. Chalk Circle fully agrees with this position and will not do any Pavement Art promotion, directly on the street, that cannot be described as an 'Art Event.' Whilst we adequately represent our clients (why would they like us so much?), we do not do stuff based purely on logos or sign-writing on the streets.

"Cass and Leija" by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac in Madrid.

Citroen Promotion

by Peter Voice for the Collins Street Promenade

by Bev Isaac for Fanta

by Peter Voice for Fanta

For the 2001 Canberra Science Festival, by Bev Isaac and Ulla Taylor. More...

"The Motorola Series" by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac.

"BenQ Promotion" by Bev Isaac, Sydney.

"Nokia Promotion" by Bev and Diana Isaac, Melb.

Model Cherry Rivers by Peter Voice for Raymond Wiel

"Hot Air Balloons Over Catherine Gorge" for the Northern Territory Tourism Authority, by Peter Voice and Bev Isaac

Body Art for Melbourne Museum, designs by Chalk Circle, photography by David Simmonds.

Body Art for Melbourne Museum, designs by Chalk Circle, photography by David Simmonds.

"Yellowmania," by Bev Isaac for Yellow Pages

"Famous" Magazine Launch - by Diana Isaac and Peter Voice.

"Melbourne in Spires," by Chalk Circle for Simmonds and Associates

"Indiana Jones in the Snake Pit," by Chalk Circle for the Scienceworks Museum

"An Oddity" by Bev Isaac and Peter Voice for an unknown Hong Kong film company./p>