Corporate and Promotional Gallery

"Escape Your Boss Here" was commissioned by Motorola. This and the drawings below were done in various high profile locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Chalk Circle were given the captions and designed each concept to fit the location. The handcuff's were in Swanston Walk, directly opposite Melbourne Town Hall and drawn by Peter Voice (Peter was assisted in this and some of the other works by Les Goodwin). Most of these works took 2 artists 1 day to complete but at least as much time again went into the design and administrative work.

The caption was "Elvis Lives Here" and this was done by Bev and Diana Isaac outside St Kilda's legendary "Espy" hotel.

"Feel the Force" was the caption and Peter did it very cheekily right in front of the entrance of Melbourne's historic "Luna Park".

Bev Isaac designed and drew this one right in the heart of Canberra's central shopping mall.

"Be Entertained Here" was the caption and Peter chose to do it outside the Melbourne Entertainment Centre. Peter hired Piers Taylor to play the sax whilst he drew the piece.

This picture was done by Peter Voice in Canberra's central outdoor cafe precinct and was a repeat of the "Escape your Boss" caption.

This project was a lot of hard work and fun. Six other works were produced and several of the above featured prominently on Nokia's website for some time afterwards. Approximately 45 artist working days were devoted to the campaign.