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"The Citroen Launch in Singapore" Designed by Peter Voice and drawn with Bev and Diana Isaac.

Drawn primarily for the launch party of Citroen's first dedicated showroom in Singapore, this pic was designed to be interactive and take advantage of the web and mobile phones. The guests were encouraged to don the helmet and back-pack then pose on the picture. In the first hour or so of the party we completed the reflections on the water and then spent the next 3 taking photos with the guests' mobiles, even the international CEO took his jacket off and played.

The aerial view depicted is of the most historic and important quarter of Singapore and the "Padang", Victoria theatre, Raffles' landing spot, the old and new Parliament Houses and Singapore River with its historic shop houses are all recognisable (as well as flying Citroens).

It took 3 artists over seven days to complete and several days to research and design.