Corporate and Promotional Gallery

This is another job with the three performers introduced in the Museum projects. Sergei is on top, Abiy to the left and George on the right. Held in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, the event was the finale dinner of the 5 yearly "International General Motors Marketing Conference". As the guests entered the foyer there were 3 new concept cars that the press were not to see for some weeks and when all the guests had arrived, the guys did their shows as described previously.

General Motors' corporate colours are red and silver and our brief was to represent "Precision". Again we had very strict deadlines and it is extremely hard work for the models. They have to stand still for us for hours, getting cold and stiff, then warm up to perform. They are all fantastic and have our utmost admiration and respect.

We did similar work again with Sergei and George, at Crown Casino, for the "Australian Institute of Engineers", Annual Dinner and Awards Presentations.