Corporate and Promotional Gallery

This was the first of a series works for the new Melbourne Museum. The first travelling exhibition to be staged was "Body Art" first curated by Sydney Museum, everything from ancient anthropological examples to contemporary styles.

These three guys were the main attraction on the opening night. In the front is George Filev (ex Circus Oz), in the middle is Abiy Feleke (ex Ethiopian Circus) and at the rear is Sergei Droujina (ex Moscow Circus). Sergei does a slow beautiful handstand act high on tiny pedestals, his body paint, "Earth", was designed and executed by Ulla Taylor. Abiy does an amazingly dynamic floor routine with somersaults, backflips and dance, his design, "Fire" was by Peter Voice. Performing last but by no means least was George with his heart-stopping "Tissue" routine, spinning and yo-yoing, this aerialist tumbles from thirty metres above the courtyard using only his hands and two bilts of blue silk. His design, "Water" was by Bev Isaac.

We started about 3 hrs before the doors opened and did the last hour's work under the eyes of the guests as they arrived and settled. We then disappeared for about 40mins so the guys could all warm up properly. They performed on the conclusion of the speechs and formalities and the reception was wild. It was a truly wonderful gig.

We've worked with all three, both separately and together, several times since. More pictures of the guys from this and other gigs can be found in our Body Art Gallery once it's up.