Corporate and Promotional Gallery

"Hot Air Balloons Over Catherine Gorge"
This piece was done at a very upmarket cocktail party held by the Northern Territory Tourism Authority during an international Tourism and Travel Industries conference, Melbourne, 2000.
As the guests entered they were greeted with the unusual sight of a model, Cherry Rivers, dressed only in her underwear and a blank canvas. Over the next half an hour Peter mapped out the design, then Cherry and Bev moved to another stage at the other end of the room. Whilst Peter worked on the canvas, Bev copied the style and colours to complete the work on the model. After a slightly wary start the audience were soon enthralled and when the two pieces were brought back together again the impact was dramatic. The model was painted all around and it was astonishing how many poses Cherry could create with the image still working.
Unfortunately the painting was valueless as we had to use body paints on it.