Body Art


Body Art is an increasingly popular part of Chalk Circle's work. Bold and daring it is an art event that can fit into a surprising variety of functions and environments.

The work usually takes 3-4 hours to complete and, as most of Chalk Circle's models are circus or street performers, often concludes with their performance. The stunning designs can be very site specific and the resulting photographs sensational.

Chalk Circle's Body Art clients include Melbourne Museum, Northern Territory Tourism Authority, Raymond Weill Watches and General Motors.

We hope you enjoy these works but please be warned this gallery contains some nudity and you should not proceed if it is likely to offend.

Cherry Rivers, Melbourne, Performing artist.

Design and Body Art by Peter Voice, the model was Cherry Rivers, the sponsor was Swiss watchmaker "Raymond Wiel", the event was Chapel Street Festival

Kaz Edwards, Central Australia

Karen Murphy, New Zealand, performer.

Karen Murphy, New Zealand, performer.




This piece was done at a very upmarket cocktail party held by the Northern Territory Tourism Authority during an international Tourism and Travel Industries conference, Melbourne, 2000.









This was the first of a series works for the new Melbourne Museum.








Held in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, the event was the finale dinner of the 5 yearly "International General Motors Marketing Conference".



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